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Preamble: The international addiction tragedy is gaining strength because  public policies are being shaped by the beliefs and values of addicted people rather than by the principles surrounding voluntary abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. Widespread confusion and bewilderment about the nature of addiction and recovery is silenced by a worldwide, syndicated bureaucracy devoted to the belief that the ultimate self-indulgence, drug addiction, is or is caused by a treatable disease, that addiction is not an extremely pleasurable indulgence, and that addicted people and their families benefit from frequent, intense socialization with other substance abusers. Rational Recovery World Services now sponsors this Community Pages Project which will make AVRT® (independent recovery) available to all addicted people and other substance abusers.

Addiction is the rival of human civilization!

Addiction commences when the pleasures associated with survival are exceeded by synthetic pleasures produced by synthetic drugs including alcohol, a hedonic trauma causing radical mental reorganization centered around a new, rogue survival drive, the addictive mandate. Addiction ruthlessly recruits drug users into its perverted agenda by alienating them from their family identities, native beliefs, and original family values. Addictive pleasures are mind-blowing, causing basic personality change, betrayal of family, and defaulting on other roles and responsibilities. It is well known that the culture surrounding substance abuse and drug addiction is degenerate, often criminal, and always anti-family. That is because pleasure-producing drugs also disable the consumer’s consciousness and moral faculties, inducing a primitive, animal state of being. This regressed state persists between using episodes, for as long as the moral option to resume drinking/using exists. Addicts are barbarians at the gate of human civilization.

Addiction is anti-family!

Existing in the animal realm, outside the human family and outside human civilization, addiction survives instinctively by misrepresenting itself to the family and to society. Understanding the power but not the meaning of moral authority, addicts instinctively form primary groups which provide members with all of the elements of family life — support, affection, loyalty, sexual opportunity, acceptance, forgiveness, permanence — all of which they have forced their families to withhold.

Addiction is the great deceiver!

Driven by instinctive fear of deprivation, addicted people join together as fellowships of addiction devoted to protecting addiction from moral, social, and legal restraint. With uncanny skill, addiction poses as wisdom, as truth, as disease, as symptom, as spirituality, as religion, as fellowship, as anything it must be to survive — while sucking the human spirit out of family and society.

Addiction divides all houses against themselves!

Homo sapiens comes in two versions, the predatory, animal being and the conscious, human being. Addiction is a spectacular demonstration of the animal nature of homo sapiens, seeking to return humanity to its jungle origins where life is cheap, freedom means irresponsibility, and liberty means primal self-indulgences. Addiction hates all sources of moral authority and blames family, ancestry, and society for the painful, natural outcomes of self-indulgence. Addiction divides all families, communities, and nations into irreconcilable factions, neither faction able to survive if the other prevails.

Posing as disease, addiction is a parasite upon every community, misdirecting precious resources intended for health care, law enforcement, national defense, and international diplomacy. Addiction posing as a disease caused by foreign enemies is a most malignant causes of international tension and war.

Addiction is a political force!

Because the doctrines and practices of recovery group organizations are created by and for addicted people, they are logically and necessarily hostile toward universal family values upon which human civilization is founded. The American-bred addiction recovery movement, founded in Akron OH during the 1930’s, has become a major force throughout the world, using religion, medicine, and science to give credence to the disease concept of misconduct. Addiction is a crowd mentality; even the solitary addict finds solace in a culture made hospitable toward the disease of pleasurism. It is in the ruthless, parasitic nature of addiction to overtake the social service systems of all nations, currying favor in courts of law, seeking sustenance in the public treasury, just as addicted people evade resonsibility and devour the assets of their own families. Drawing upon animal attraction, addiction finds the cohorts it needs to survive in a hostile, civilized world.

Only family values defeat addiction!

Only the natural consequences of addiction, or the fear of them, sufficiently motivate addicts to cease and desist from continued use. Core, universal, family values which form the foundation and girders of human civilization, however, are entirely sufficient for any addicted person to voluntarily and permanently quit the use of alcohol and other hedonic drugs.

Funding of addiction treatment is based upon fraudulant claims of effectiveness. By substituting one-day-at-a-time for principled abstinence, recovery groups convert problem drinking/using into chronic addiction. There is no treatment, medical or other, for addiction, and no recovery group member has ever defeated addiction therein. Most all newcomers to recovery groups find the inverted belief system disorienting and profoundly discouraging. Those who do not summarily reject recovery group doctrines have already developed anti-family feelings which make them feel welcome in the company of low-life. Because recovery group doctrines are perfect examples of the Addictive Voice, the sole cause of substance addiction, addicted people are extremely suggestible to them. Significant recovery group exposure causes long-term, harmful effects, recovery group disorder, including the disposition to evangelize the Addictive Voice to other substance abusers.

Independent recovery based upon universal family values, however, is commonplace, and the common thread of those success stories now exists in a brief, educational format called Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®), presented at this website in the form of programmed instruction, free of charge.

Mission: The mission of Rational Recovery World Services is to make independent recovery from substance addiction through planned, permanent abstinence a viable option for addicted people, worldwide.

Rational Recovery Community Pages Project (RR-CPP)

With this mission in mind, we are now inviting individuals interested in bringing AVRT-based recovery to their own communities to become Advocates for independent recovery, committed individuals who are the driving force behind the Internet-based Rational Recovery Community Pages project.

By 'community,' we mean any town, city, or locality, but also any population or organization affected by substance abuse. Such organizations may include corporations, labor unions, religious organizations and denominations, fraternal and nonprofit service organizations, and of course the many substance abuse prevention, diversion, and treatment agencies of the social service system. Such populations and organizations and agencies may be in any nation, and even a nation may itself be identified as a population in need of the independent recovery option.

What is a Rational Recovery Community Page?

An Community Page is a section of the Rational Recovery (rational.org) website dedicated to a specific community. The RRCP is under the overall direction and direct supervision of the RR-CPP Administrator, Jack Trimpey, although managed by a Rational Recovery Advocate who contributes text, graphics, and other materials to the page and actually manages it through the website's content management system. In other words, the RRCP is the key resource which the Advocate uses to inform and educate his community or special population.

The RRCP is a folder kept only on the Rational Recovery Systems Internet server. The URL of a community page will look like this:

http://www.rational.org/RRCP/your_city/. (Of course, this sample URL will not work.)

The RRCP will have subordinate pages with the approval of the RRCP administrator. For example, the RRCP may have a page listing other related resources, agencies, and key persons in positions of social responsibility, so that there may be an ongoing record of positions and policies on specific issues within the community or organization. Another page might offer relevant news and discussion of issues. The Advocate may function as a reporter would, publishing news related to the independent recovery option. The aim is for the RRCP to become a single-issue publication keeping the public abreast of a newsworthy issue, abstinent outcome of existing addiction recovery programming including AVRT-based recovery. Any addicted person may enter a community page and achieve total recovery in as short a time as he chooses.

What is a Rational Recovery Advocate?

An Advocate is a member of the population or organization he/she represents, a volunteer who promotes the option of independent, AVRT-based recovery. Advocates very often have first-hand experience with AVRT®, and have discovered the broad personal growth which accompanies AVRT-based recovery. However, many never-addicted people understand the desperate need for the option of independent recovery, and therefore can be highly effective Advocates. Members of families affected by addiction and family members who have witnessed a loved one's AVRT-based recovery can be highly persuasive in explaining the need for the option of independent recovery through planned, permanent abstinence. Persons in positions of social responsibility are ideal Advocates because of the obligations of their professions and positions.

Advocates do not become friends with addicted people. Advocates provide no direct service to addicted people, and most often will have little or no direct face-to-face contact with them other than to direct them to the RRCP. Advocates must also avoid being mistakenly identified as a recovery group sponsor, as a substance abuse counselor, therapist, or AVRT® instructor, or as an agent of Rational Recovery Systems, Inc. Advocates simply present their communities the option of AVRT-based recovery, as it is represented and contained at the Rational Recovery¨ website.

Advocacy will require some volunteer time, not only keeping the web page current, but also "working the system," i.e., making direct contacts with community leaders, professionals, social agencies, traffic courts, hospitals, newspapers, and do on. It's like a hobby or avocation for people with a serious interest in the American addiction tragedy which we call recoveryism.

By what means do Advocates bring change?

Advocates follow the general pattern of social activism, in which interested people volunteer their personal skills and resources to influence social policy. They will discover their natural allies as they present the powerfully simple package of information, AVRT®. They seek out persons, committees, boards, elected officials, administrators, managers, or other leaders and souces of authority in their communities or organizations. They make appointments to talk directly with them, refer them directly to the Community Page for their population, and provide recommended materials printed from this website. They disseminate information on AVRT-based recovery through existing public information and education systems, and seek the assistance of those organizations in educating the public about independent recovery.

One objective of the Rational Recovery Community Pages Project is to increase transparency in the addiction service system so that the public is better informed about the nature of services available, the policies affecting addicted people and their families, and the actual effects of existing programs such as drug courts, addiction treatment services, drunk driver programs, impaired professional programs, and other substance abuse programs, particularly the recidivism and secure abstinence outcomes of such programming. This can be accomplished by Advocates who make use of established channels of information seeking.

Advocates may accept no funds from private or public agencies, although the social service system has serious ethical and legal obligations to provide informed consent to addiction treatment and recovery group participation, with stringent focus on the option of independent recovery, i.e., AVRT®.

The international addiction tragedy will continue until free men and women in every nation voice their strenuous objections to offering the beliefs and values of addiction as remedies for addiction. Then the truth about addiction and recovery can be presented to each addict, who will then be allowed to suffer the natural consequences of his addiction and reap the rewards of taking responsibility for his personal behavior.

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