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(Call 530-621-2667 for information and to enroll.)


AVRTeleConference is five 1-hour sessions of direct instruction on Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®) conducted by Jack Trimpey using the FaceTime utility of Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iMac, iPod, iTouch, MacBook). The purpose of AVRTeleConference is to achieve secure, permanent abstinence (total recovery) within the time allotted. The sessions are scheduled two in the first week, one in each of the next two weeks, and a summary, closeout session several months down the line, when a clear before/after comparison of mood, perceptions, and personal functioning is possible.

AVRTeleConference is strong action against addiction, often at a time of crisis and emotional turmoil. Direct instruction cuts through the fog of addiction, allowing you to immediately seize control and enjoy the freedom of self-determination. Because AVRTeleConference is far more cost-effective than traveling by air for intensive instruction in a group setting, we see people physically in person only when there are psychiatric or legal justifications. FaceTime provides the very best quality of realtime experience with true "telepresence" that is the equal of being physically in the same room. In effect, Jack Trimpey makes house calls, which 
a significant other may also attend. Significant others have no burden of change, but attend in order to (1) ask hard-ball questions of Mr. Trimpey and the addicted family member, to (2) witness what is said and done, so there will be no misunderstandings later on about terms such as "never," "use," and "zero-tolerance," and (3) to develop effective means of protecting oneself and the rest of the family against any further "relapses."

In session 1, you will be guided across the threshold into life after addiction and recovery. Between now and your first AVRTeleConference session, you and your family should become familiar with concepts such as Addictive Voice, Beast, Big Plan, and Plan B. Here are your introductions to AVRT-based recovery and Family Centered Recovery.The remaining sessions will focus upon (1) tightening the screws on your Beast so it can never pull you under again, (2) building bridges back into relationships you’ve harmed in pursuit of your addiction, (3) AVRTime, your transition from cyclical one-day-at-a-time addiction to permanent abstinence in linear time, (4) monitoring for creeping recoveryism, the re-emergence of addict-identity and entitlement to "relapses," and (5) simple emergency measures if/when you find yourself mobilizing to use. You must be fully detoxified from alcohol and other drugs when you enroll for AVRTeleConference.

If you can imagine the relief you would feel to know you are fully recovered, that is evidence in itself that success is within reach. 
By taking strong, decisive action now, you may become fully confident before a week has passed that your addiction is ended, over, finished, kaput, defeated. If the idea of permanent abstinence gives you a sinking feeling, that means your Beast is already showing its fear of you.

AVRTeleConference is
 a major event in your family’s history, setting  the standard of zero-tolerance as a condition of family life and restoration of trust. AVRTeleConference is an uplifting experience with little, if any, self-disclosure, discussion of your past, or searching for your personal hangups and shortcomings. There is not enough time for that, and even if there were, it wouldn't benefit you. Because there is no long waiting list for AVRTeleConference, daytime slots for your first session are usually available within a few days.

Finding this website m
ay have been the luckiest find of your life. We have been offering this service for twenty years, and the content keeps getting more potent, more sophisticated, more effective. After all of your struggles against your addiction, you now have full access to all of the information you have desperately needed for many years. We hope you are ready for a very short journey into life after addiction — which is the same thing as life after recovery!

Below are some further comments and information about AVRT-based recovery. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jack Trimpey




Who is Jack Trimpey?
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California. I have decades of experience in community psychiatry and county mental health, with specialties in substance abuse, crisis intervention, and general outpatient services. I'm the author of AVRT®, and in 1986, my wife, Lois, and I became the co-founders of Rational Recovery. Since then, we have pioneered great changes in the addictions field. Our famous name, Rational Recovery®, is often cited in textbooks, community service directories, and general references on addiction and recovery.

I am enough of a professional to know there is no treatment for stupidity, anti-family attitudes, and immoral conduct, but I also know that anyone can decide to never commit one, vile act again, and then learn to stick to it no matter what. That decision provides more benefit to addicted people and their families than all of the professional services money can buy.

The counseling professions have erred tragically by embracing the disease concept of addiction. Because most of them, including 80% of physicians, know that there is no credible evidence for addictive disease, they are collectively guilty of suppressing
informed consent to the services they provide. In my specialty of addiction recovery, my strongest credential is my PhD (Phormer Drunk). Unlike substance abuse counselors who are still "in recovery," or substance abuse counselors who have never been addicted themselves, I defeated my own serious addiction to alcohol by summarily quitting alcohol and other drugs. Since then, my direct work with many thousands of addicts and their families, has given me the ability to see through the eyes of addicted people as well as from the family's human viewpoint. That dual perspective provides depth perception absent in clinical approaches based upon pseudo-scientific and psychological theories, allowing insights that make possible immediate recovery as an act moral judgment and free will.

AVRT is the view of addiction as seen by the
real experts, those of us who have recovered independently and built bridges back into our families. We first guaranteed ourselves permanent, unconditional abstinence, and then we guaranteed our loved ones that we would forsake the high-life as a condition of family inclusion, with zero-tolerance for "relapses." When our families could not overcome the illusions of recoveryism, and would not demand permanent abstinence or else, we claimed responsibility for inflicting the darkness of addiction upon them, and guaranteed them, without expecting trust, that we would never drink/use again, no matter what.

To an addict,
 lifetime abstinence appears impossible, unthinkable, but through the lens of AVRT, that miraculous outcome is an immediate possibility, easily achieved on any day one is not under the influence and willing to accept lifetime abstinence from addictive pleasures as the basis of human happiness.

I look forward to meeting you and a 
significant other very soon. Then, we will take an urgent shortcut to life after recovery!



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