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is five 1-hour sessions of direct instruction on Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®) conducted by yours truly, Jack Trimpey. We will use the FaceTime utility of Apple or Android devices. The sessions are typically scheduled two in the first week, one in each of the next two to three weeks, and a summary, closeout session several months down the line, when a comparison of perceptions, functioning, and feelings is possible. We typically work overtime, to get the job done that session. You, the addict, will fully recover during the first session, the rest of the time for repairing relationships and screwing it (your Beast) into its coffin in consciousness so it can never take you down again. 

AVRT is family-centered, placing the interests of the family ahead of those of the addicted family member. Therefore, it is essential that the adults most closely involved (spouses, parents/child) be seated before the FaceTime screen for conjoint interviews. Your Beast will strenuously object to this arrangement, clearly showing its hand as a sneak, a cheat, an intentional relapser.

AVRT is ideal as pre-marital counseling when there has been a history of substance abuse, and as re-orientation to family life following recovery group participation. 
Significant others have no burden of change, but attend in order to (1) ask hard-ball questions, to (2) witness what is said and done, so there will be no misunderstandings later on about terms such as "never," "use," and "zero-tolerance," and (3) to develop effective means of protecting oneself and the rest of the family against any further "relapses."

The purpose of AVRTeleConference is for the addict to achieve secure, permanent abstinence (total recovery) within the time allotted, and for the significant other to issue a zero-tolerance ultimatum as the foundation for family inclusion. Only then, may the addict rebuild bridges of trust damaged by the betrayal of addiction.

Enrolling in AVRTeleConference produces conflicted feelings, your excited feelings of hope and imminent freedom, and your Beast's dread, sinking feeling that the end is near. Strike it while it's down. 


Who is Jack Trimpey?

I'm the author of Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®). In 1986, my wife, Lois, and I became the co-founders of Rational Recovery. Since then, we have pioneered great changes in the addictions field. Our famous name, Rational Recovery®, is often cited in textbooks, community service directories, and general references on addiction and recovery.

I have decades of clinical experience in community psychiatry, addiction treatment services, crisis intervention and mental health counseling services.
 I can easily say, "I’ve seen it all, and nothing works to defeat addiction." That said, there is nothing to stop any addict from quitting addiction, for now and forever. The decision, "I will never drink/use again," provides more benefit to addicted people and their families than all of the professional services money can buy. That is what you wil get on day one of AVRTeleconference.

I look forward to meeting you and a 
significant other very soon. Then, we will take an urgent shortcut into life after recovery!



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