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Below is a set of concepts and actions that will allow you to draw the fact of full recovery into the only moment there is — the present moment. On the next page is some additional introductory material, which is then followed by the Crash Course on AVRT®, which has been available without charge at this website since the dawn of the Internet in 1995. Many thousands of seriously addicted people have promptly, fully recovered solely by briefly studying these vital elements of AVRT-based recovery.

Addiction Recovery — Now

©2014 Jack Trimpey, all rights reserved.  

Give these items some careful, serious thought. An awful lot is at stake!


1. Imagine how you would feel if you knew for a fact that that you’ll never drink/use again, that your addiction is already ended, and you’re free at last.

2. Notice your mixed feelings, (a) freedom and hope for a better life, and (b) a sinking feeling related to total, lifetime abstinence. 

3.  That sinking feeling is your Beast. The sense of liberation and relief is you. 

4. Your Beast talks in your thoughts. Your Beast is your wild appetite for the high-life, the desire to get high. 

5. You can hear your Beast sowing seeds of self-doubt that you can decide to never drink/use again and stick with it forever. That is your Addictive Voice. 

6. Your Addictive Voice (AV) is any thinking that supports or suggests the possible future use of alcohol or other drugs. Your AV is the sole cause of your addiction. Your Beast speaks with awesome authority, but it is a mere desire, utterly powerless, a dependent quadriplegic unable to wiggle your fingers.

7. Your Beast (a) organizes your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions to support your addiction forever, (b) develops plans for continued drinking/using, and (c)  predicts a gloomy life without the option to get high.

8. Your Beast has only one fear, deprivation of its favorite fix. It fears only one word, “never,” as in, “Never say never.” Therefore, that is exactly what to say: “I will never drink/use again!” — the Big Plan of AVRT-based recovery. Go ahead. Say it, and mean it. 

9. The more you mean it, the stronger you’ll feel your Beast’s emotional recoil. The more pain for your Beast, the better for you. Say it again, and believe in yourself: I will never drink/use again. No pain; no gain.

10. Feel the joy of victory! That is the Abstinence Commitment Effect (ACE). Feel your Beast’s agony of defeat, the sinking, angry feelings.  Shift back and forth between your joy and its agony. As you practice this, you’ll draw the fact of full recovery into the present moment. 

11. You’re fully recovered at the moment you say you are. Others will catch on in due time. 

12. Recovery now may seem premature, impossible, too simple, or too easy. Or it may seem impossible to guarantee anything because the future is necessarily unknown. Or, you may believe recovery doctrines about addictive disease, powerlessness, and one-day-at-a-time sobriety. If any of these seem so, go to #6, above. 

13. Welcome your Beast into your life as a sign of health, and not disease. Welcome your Addictive Voice as a sign that you know right from wrong. In other words, to your Beast, anything that feels as good as its favorite fix cannot be wrong. To you, nothing could be more wrong than drinking/using, in the larger, moral sense of the word.

14. Now, you have two sets of eyes, the eyes of your Beast, and your own, human eyes. The view is amazingly different from those polar opposite viewpoints.

15. Enjoy the ACE, but realize that you have brought hardship and broken hearts to others who have cared about you. Building bridges back into the human family is an important part of AVRT-based recovery. Your family needs your support and leadership today and in the years to come.

16. Stay away from recovery groups of all kinds, set your confidence for lifetime abstinence arbitrarily at 100%, recognize all self-doubt as your Addictive Voice. Let the Beast count time, and you'll do fine. 

AVRT-based recovery is abrupt, quite different from the never ending process of one-day-at-a-time sobriety. You are free to declare yourself fully recovered right now, but your Beast is pulling hard to reserve your Option to drink/use at some unforeseen time later on. You have already experienced some of the main aspects of AVRT, enough for you to declare yourself fully recovered whenever you like. Of course, it will necessarily be now, whenever that time comes. The problem is, other moments never come to us; we exist only in the eternal moment of now. In addiction, your Beast owns the moment. AVRT allows you to rebel against your Beast and defeat it in the explosive moment of your Big Plan. Then, you own the moment for good. 

When you’ve gotten your PHD in AVRT, come back to this page from time to time and review this numbered list. Although AVRT is very, very simple, learning it can be tricky at first. This is because your AV uses your own intelligence against you. It even uses your personality, language and thinking voice in order to remain concealed from you. It is ruthless in its pursuit of alcohol or drugs, but it can also be quite subtle, forceful, seductive, persistent, patient, and has many other qualities.

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