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The Internet Crash Course On AVRT


© Copyright 2014, Jack Trimpey, all rights reserved.

This publication is for personal use only. Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®) is not a form of counseling, therapy, group therapy, or addiction treatment. It is simply the lore of self-recovery in a brief, educational format. AVRT® is not a professional tool and may not lawfully be provided as a professional service or as part of an addiction treatment plan. Some of the language of AVRT® is protected under copyright and trademark laws. 


IMPORTANT: If you have been drinking or using today, sign off and return here during a day when you have been abstinent. You cannot learn AVRT while under the influence, even slightly so. Make a safe plan for detox. Here is some reasonable advice for withdrawal. You are completely responsible to protect yourself against acute withdrawal symptoms. If you are in doubt, consult with your physician. The link below starts your short journey to full recovery. Following two orientation pages, you will go through 28 short pages, “Bullets For My Beast,” that will guide you through a decision making process, over the finish line, and into life after recovery.





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