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A no-nonsense program that gives you clear instruction
on how to quit your addiction — for life.

Jack TrimpeyAVRT: The Course is 4 days of direct, one-on-one instruction on AVRT, leading to complete recovery within the time allotted. The small class sessions allow each individual to clarify concepts or resolve questions. During AVRT: The Course, participants are guided through the decision making process, culminating in the execution of a Big Plan for permanent abstinence.

AVRT-based recovery is highly desirable as an avenue to family reconciliation. On the fourth day, a significant other, usually immediate family, is invited to sit in as a participant-observer. We encourage spouses and significant others to sit in for the entire four days, so that everyone is in agreement on the nature of addiction and recovery, and so personal responsibilities are clearly understood. The format allows for satisfying discussion of family problems related to addiction. This allows for understanding and building a foundation for the future based upon zero-tolerance in the family.

There is very little self-disclosure expected in AVRT: The Course, because little is accomplished by sharing stories of regret. The format is class, not group, so that there is considerable one-on-one dialog between you and the instructor, Jack Trimpey, and very little group interaction.

Most participants report that it was difficult at first to imagine how a mere four days can lead to total recovery. However, the belief that recovery is an arduous, prolonged experience based upon mysterious concepts is a perception from the viewpoint of addiction itself. A good way to fast-forward your journey to the other side of addiction is to recognize that discouragement and skepticism as your own Addictive Voice. Your Beast certainly won’t want you to take AVRT: The Course, but you will have the final word!

Upon request, professional reports may be submitted to social authorities and agencies. The services are brief, always voluntary, less expensive than any form of addiction treatment, and require no follow-up or aftercare. Our graduates do very well, as the large majority remain securely abstinent.

AVRT: The Course is offered only at the Rational Recovery national office near Sacramento, California. Registrants are provided traveler’s information including local lodging and restaurants, and exact driving instructions for Sacramento Int. Airport. The meeting place is at the Hilton Garden Inn, in historic Folsom, California.

Contact Jack Trimpey to find out when the next session of AVRT: The Course will be held.

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Call 530-621-2667 for more information and to register.

Why AVRT: The Course, when AVRT is so simple?

Many people take AVRT: The Course because learning styles differ, and because it may be difficult to absorb The New Cure due to stresses associated with addiction. For many, addiction is a persistent problem until the Addictive Voice is thoroughly exposed through skilled instruction in AVRT. For those who want to provide their families of others tangible evidence of taking strong, decisive action against addiction, certificates of completion and letters of support may be provided.

Years of recovery group involvement can drill members into passivity, resignation, and helplessness. To overcome recovery group disorders, AVRT: The Course means unlearning the 12 steps and the crippling psychobabble that perpetuates chronic addiction. Some people take AVRT: The Course purely to kick the recovery group habit, i.e., "recoveryism."

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