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Seriously addicted people have completed their recovery from alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine or any other hedonic drugs or habits by viewing this face-to-face, often intense, 4 day AVRT-Live course taught by Jack Trimpey. Thirty-two hours of instruction have been condensed into 7.5 hours of fast-paced education. 
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AVRT-Live stands as one of the best media productions on AVRT-based recovery. It's a comprehensive introduction to the essential AVRTools and concepts of AVRT, presented by its originator Jack Trimpey, to Tom, a really tough case who knew nothing about AVRT. In less than 8 hours of viewing time, you’ll accompany Tom on an exciting, scary, and sometimes funny journey from the grip of addiction to complete recovery. The best part is when Jack finally faces the camera and personally guides you through your own Big Plan, into life after recovery. AVRT is independent recovery, so plan to view the DVDs alone, and then later share them with your loved ones so they will understand your accomplishment. AVRT-based recovery is family-centered, and not a group project. 

AVRT-Live, is an ideal part of any family library because addiction touches the lives of every person alive. If there isn’t an addicted family member, then there’s a friend or neighbor in trouble or in recovery who might benefit enormously from watching Jack Trimpey teach AVRT to a seriously addicted man. 

• For description of movie content see individual discs below.

AVRT-Live Disc 1 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 85 minutes.
Get started with AVRT-based recovery and begin the separation from your deadly enemy, the Beast®.
This disc contains essential learning: How to identify the Addictive Voice (AV) / Explanation of the medical disease theory, psychological disease theory, and the RR Structural Model of addiction / Why people get addicted / An introduction to AVRT® and your Beast® / Discover your Recovery Group Disorder (RGD) and how recoveryism keeps you addicted. / Learn how to achieve complete recovery with an empowering attitude of confidence resulting in the Abstinence Commitment Effect (ACE). You will get a taste of the uplifted feelings which break through your depression when you know your addiction is finally over. By the end of disc 1 you will understand why tens of thousands of seriously addicted people have used AVRT-Live as their method of recovery, and more.

AVRT-Live Disc 2 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 105 minutes.
Learn how to make your Big Plan and how to defeat your Beast's determination to survive.
Learn the AVRTechniques that will open the path for you to make your Big Plan / How to gain control / Shifting / The Structural Model of Addiction in-depth / AVRT strategies / Preparation to make your Big Plan / How to achieve the Abstinence Commitment Effect (ACE) / See Tom's Beast dig in for it's survival and fights back / Vividly see Tom's Beast in action / How your Beast recognition will achieve a solid Big Plan, and much more.

AVRT-Live Disc 3 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 1.5 hours.
Overcome your Recovery Group Disorder (RGD) and achieve 100% certainty you're completely recovered.
Learn how to fight back and have fun overcoming your recovery group disorder / Achieve 100% certainty you're completely recovered / Morality as it relates to addiction recovery / Recognize Beast® activity watching Tom's Beast trying to gain back control / Various AVRT® strategies to defend yourself from your ruthless Beast / Vivid Shifting exercises in-depth / Sexual relationships / How addiction affects your sex life / How Alcoholics Anonymous destroys lives / In-depth discussion of the life-saving AVRT Matrix(SM) / How to use the AVRT Matrix to defeat your Beast's attacks / More AVRTools / Overcome the addicto-depressive condition / Rational Recovery background and evolution, and much more.

AVRT-Live Disc 4 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 2 Hours.
Essential AVRTechniques making your Beast® easily recognizable and how your recovery will be effortless.
Tightening your Big Plan / Feel your irritable, lonely, depressed Beast / Recognize subtle Beast strategies / AVRTechniques to defend yourself / How to navigate your world after recovery / Recognize recoveryism / Recoveryism that manifests in your life, your family and the world you live in, and much more.

AVRT-Live Disc 5 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 80 minutes.
Oh my! The Beast came back! How to overcome your persistent Beast. Gain more insight about life after recovery.
The persistent Beast came back / The most aggressive AVRTechniques / Make your Big Plan irreversible / Make your Big Plan stick for your lifetime effortlessly / More family matters / How the Beast builds tolerance / The death of the Beast, and much more. Concluding remarks by Jack Trimpey.

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Footage purchased from CASA (California Alcohol & Substance Abuse).
Edited by Deborah Springborn, Rational Recovery Productions, Inc.