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The Triumph of Addiction Recovery

The Triumph of Addiction Recovery - Item 104



This essay examines how the regression to the bicameral mind may better explain addiction than the ersatz disease model of addiction. Expand your understanding of AVRT. PDF download. 26pp


Mr. Trimpey examines intriguing parallels between AVRT-based recovery and the emergence of modern man from his prehistoric, unconscious ancestors as described by cultural anthropologist Julian Jaynes in his seminal book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. In that theoretical context, Mr. Trimpey makes the striking assertion that substance addiction is regression to our common animal mentality caused by the disorientation caused by synthetic drugs. Adding intrigue and irony to this spirited discussion, Mr. Trimpey proposes that Dr. Jaynes apparent death from alcohol addiction may have ironically resulted from his lack of self-authorization to quit drinking. Readers in addiction or in recovery will find here a unique presentation of AVRT® for personal benefit, and clinicians and scholars can inform themselves of the growing movement away from the clinical disease/treatment paradigm and toward independent, family centered recovery.
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