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The Journal of Rational Recovery - The Complete Collection

The Journal of Rational Recovery - The Complete Collection - 86 PDF issues - Jewel Cased Single CD - Item 211



Own the Complete Collection, 86 Issues in PDF format on CD. 2,287pp, 804 articles, letters and much, much more. Sept 1988 - Sept 2003.

This CD Chronicles the history and evolution of Rational Recovery. You will go on a journey from the early days of RR through 15 years of intriguing information on all aspects of AVRT-based recovery. Jack Trimpey was the JRR editor throughout its 15 year run, and each issue is packed with articles and letters from hundreds of counseling professionals and RR group Coordinators and participants. Jack’s extensive editorial replies provide an excellent documentation of the early history of Rational Recovery in America. Read the emerging bipartisan RR/AA politics of addiction recovery, and review letters, articles, and fabulous cartoons drawn by “Stars Behind Bars,” including incarcerated addicts trying to beat the 12-step syndicate. You’ll enjoy the humor, AVRTips, AVRTechniques and just plain old fun as Jack, the master wordsmith, weaves his way through years of information not found anywhere else. See Collections 1-5 for more in-depth information.

All issues are Copyright protected © Rational Recovery Systems, Inc., and Lotus Press 1988 - 2003. PDF collections Copyright © Rational Recovery Productions, Inc., 2006.