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Taming the Feast Beast

Taming the Feast Beast - Item 103



You won't find this classic anywhere else. Anyone who has tried and failed to solve eating disorders will learn life-saving techniques of playing TAPS to Tame the fiercest, most ferocious Feast Beast. We recommend that you add a website subscription, or read Rational Recovery, The New Cure for Substance Abuse, or watch one of the complete AVRT course DVD's or anywhere movies to suppliment your understanding of advanced AVRT techniques. Smokie the Beast is a Wimp! is an excellent choice to learn all the AVRT you will need to take control and achieve whatever your goal is for your dietary discipline on your terms. 

The Feast Beast is destroying the health of Americans partly because of the clinical mindset and attitudes that have replaced traditional values of self-restraint, dietary discipline, and - yes - good manners. Weight control is a worthy, realistic goal for anyone, provided they accept full, personal responsibility for what they put into their bodies. Rather than seek appetite suppression and the support of recovery groups, AVRT helps fatties accept a mild degree of hunger as a way of training the body to feel good with less food. There are no prescriptions in this book for special diets, but only a general strategy that allows you to succeed using any reasonable weight reduction approach that fits your needs. You will find encouragement to function independently and overcome any Recovery Group Disorder (RGD) that is perpetuating chronic recoveryism, i.e., endless preoccupation with diet and weight.

• Highly recommended you read this along with Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addictionand The Art of AVRT.
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Copyright © 1994 Jack Trimpey and Lois Trimpey, Reprinted © Delacorte Press 1995. 192 pp. Paperback.