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The Small Book

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This is the groundbreaking book that brought Rational Recovery to national attention as a clear and exciting option for addiction recovery and the birth of AVRT. Copyright© 1989 Lotus Press, and still in hot demand! It's pure Jack Trimpey, very witty and fun to read.

After recovering via AVRT, this highly informative and fun book is especially interesting to read through your new vision, the lens of AVRT. Especially interesting is the chapter on "Voices," the first widely published presentation of Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT). Written before AVRT matured into its robust, present form, The Small Book is not recommended for readers struggling against addiction. If you read it with a good understanding of present-day AVRT, you will find many examples of the Addictive Voice (AV) in its pages, particularly in the clinical mindset that explains addiction as a maladaptive coping mechanism, and proposes that addicted people should become shameless and guiltless in order to more easily stay sober. The book contains an introduction to rational-emotive therapy, a humanistic alternative to the "spiritual" lifestyle of AA, both of which contradict traditional family values.

Revised edition copyright © Delacorte Press 1992 by Jack Trimpey with an introduction © by Albert Ellis. Reprinted © Dell® 1996. 304 pp. Paperback.