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The New Cure for Substance Addiction

Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction - Item 101.

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This best-selling book is a literary classic that has stood the test of time. Rational Recovery: The New Cure will always remain a standard resource in the field of addiction recovery. We are out of stock. You may find this book at your local book seller or Amazon where it remains one of the top selling books on recovery from substance addiction since 1996. It is a core AVRT resource. 

This is a stand-alone guide to immediate, full recovery from any substance addiction or other habitual behavior that persists against your better judgment. You will learn the addiction-ending method pioneered by Jack Trimpey in the 1990’s, Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®), and find within yourself the ability to defeat addictive desire and become permanently, securely abstinent. You’ll find exciting chapters that shatter the illusions of recoveryism that are so abundant in mainstream thinking, and return to your original identity as you were before addiction set in. Families will also find a wealth of information so that they may avoid the web of disease thinking that shifts responsibilities for addiction and recovery onto them. 

• We highly suggest that you also read the companion book by Jack Trimpey, The Art of AVRT. It's the first comprehensive update of AVRT-based recovery since the publication of this book in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 by Jack Trimpey and Lois Trimpey, Pocket Books a division of Simon & Schuster, 354pp. Paperback.