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AVRTuneup: The Beast Came Back – 3 DVDs, 3.5 hours. Item 400



Own this fast paced AVRTool Kit. For quick studies and a great tuneup of your AVRT skills all in one box. Your Beast will never forgive you.

This riveting presentation of essential AVRTools is designed especially for chronic relapsers and those who think their smokable drug of choice (crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana) or alcohol or any other psychoactive substance is unbeatable. Do you think that you're such a tough case that quitting is impossible? Complete your recovery in an afternoon, and then, in time, prove to yourself and everyone else that you're not a hopeless drunk or junkie. Included are extra AVRTools especially for inhaled substances not found anywhere else. If your favorite fix is smokable, we recommend that you combine this with the Smokey the Beast is a Wimp DVD set. Your Beast will suffer the horrible fate of breathing only fresh air, and your body will thank you with renewed vigor and health.

AVRTuneup: The Beast Came Back Disc 1 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 70 minutes.
Fast-track AVRTeaching conducted by Jack Trimpey to a chronic "relapser." After viewing this you will be anxious to continue on to the next instructional movie.
Why is your addiction a sign of good health? / Overcome both your Addiction Treatment and Recovery Group Disorders / Is addiction a disease, a "moral issue" or just a bad choice? / AVRTools to manage and defeat your drug hunger, cravings / AVRT® instruction / Beast® concept / Addictive Voice (AV) / Taking control / Why is relapse anxiety an illusion? / The Structural Model of Addiction (SM) / AVRTechniques to defeat your severe addiction to inhaled drugs / Are inhaled drugs more difficult to defeat? / And much more.

AVRTuneup: The Beast Came Back Disc 2 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 60 minutes.
Make your Big Plan right now.
Sex and drugs / Beasts have feelings / Make your Big Plan / More AVRTechniques / Defeat your Addictive Voice / Advanced use of the life-saving AVRT matrix / Powerlessness a deadly illusion? / Make your Declaration of Personal Independence (DPI) / Family matters / Relationship repairs, and much more.

AVRTuneup: The Beast Came Back Disc 3 – View Anywhere for Two Weeks. 75 minutes.
You've gone and done it. The Beast comes back after making your Big Plan, what do you do?
Advanced AVRTechniques / Making your Big Plan irreversible / Achieve 100% confidence / Defeat your Beast / Static Time / Addiction Diction (SM) / Recoveryism / Effortless Big Plan / Life after recovery / Burdens of the past / Implications of irreversible abstinence / Dignity with personal responsibility / Abstinence Commitment Effect (ACE) / Human happiness, bodily pleasures, and much more.

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