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AVRT-Live – The Ultimate AVRTool Kit. 5 DVDs, 7.5 hours - Item 300



Seriously addicted people have completed their recovery from alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine or any other hedonic drugs or habits by viewing this face-to-face, often intense, 4 day AVRT-Live course taught by Jack Trimpey. Thirty-two hours of instruction have been condensed into 7.5 hours of fast-paced education. 
• What are you waiting for? 

AVRT-Live stands as one of the best media productions on AVRT-based recovery. It's a comprehensive introduction to the essential AVRTools and concepts of AVRT, presented by its originator Jack Trimpey, to Tom, a really tough case who knew nothing about AVRT. In less than 8 hours of viewing time, you’ll accompany Tom on an exciting, scary, and sometimes funny journey from the grip of addiction to complete recovery. The best part is when Jack finally faces the camera and personally guides you through your own Big Plan, into life after recovery. AVRT is independent recovery, so plan to view the DVDs alone, and then later share them with your loved ones so they will understand your accomplishment. AVRT-based recovery is family-centered, and not a group project. 

AVRT-Live, is an ideal part of any family library because addiction touches the lives of every person alive. If there isn’t an addicted family member, then there’s a friend or neighbor in trouble or in recovery who might benefit enormously from watching Jack Trimpey teach AVRT to a seriously addicted man. 

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