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Oelwein is Methland? Really?

©2009, Jack Trimpey. All rights reserved.


If you’ve gotten to this page accidentally, I hope you are interested in Oelwein or at least in the American addiction tragedy. The tragedy I refer to is the addictive disease movement which presents perpetrators and predators as hapless victims of “issues” such as genetics, poverty, dysfunctional families, and other personal circumstances. We’ll do a bit here to alert Oelwein’s social service system that help is on the way. The help is not so much to help the helpers, but to help the addicted people of Oelwein to knock it off and return to the human families they have destroyed and begin to rebuild.

I have just recently heard about a book, Methland, which describes Oelwein as a victim of American-style capitalism. I have ordered the book from amazon, and I will report more here about my opinions on it. However, from reviewing the amazon reviews and readers’ responses, I am frankly outraged that once again substance addiction is being presented as a symptom of something, this time poverty and overwork, rather than as the disgusting self-indulgence it obviously is.

Knock it off?

You read correctly. The only people who defeat their addictions are the ones who summarily quit on their own, without the insane, inverted principles of recovery group participation and addiction treatment services. Group-based, one-day-at-a-time sobriety is least likely to succeed for the simple reason that it is impossible for those who have not quit to help anyone else quit. It’s a bit like jumping into a swimming pool full of non-swimmers in order to learn how to swim. They’ll pull you down ever time.

This website contains enough information for any meth addict, any so-called “alcoholic,” or any other drug addict to follow the example of the only ones who beat the rap of addiction, the ones who quit on their own. Sadly, people who act responsibly by quitting their addictions are marginalized as “never had the problem in the first place,” or worse, as “dry-drunks.” The circular logic is, ”If you can quit on your own, you weren’t really addicted in the first place, right?”

Wrong. It was precisely because people were suffering the blowback of addiction that they abruptly, agressively quit. Now, the people of Oelwein have direct access to the common thread of success used by the only ones who actually defeat their addictions, Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®). Go to the home page, top banner above, and you’ll see the big gold button, Crash Course on AVRT®, which will begin anyone’s short journey to the other side of addiction.

I have no doubt Oelwein has a serious addiction problem, and that many lives and families have been destroyed by the anti-family drug culture. However, it is the drug culture in the streets and in our social service system that is responsible for that destruction — not the American way of life. I am certain that the traditional American values of Heartland America are the only ones that can end the American addiction tragedy. Those core values are the exact opposite of the anti-family beliefs and values of addicted people.

Family-centered recovery

Ladies and gentlemen, the anti-family beliefs of addicted people are being instilled in our social service system in the form of addiction treatment and recovery group doctrines. Here, in Rational Recovery, you may access information on family-centered recovery. This is the only such resource, and I invite you to study these pages while I read up on “methland.”

First, I recommend you read the tabs above, My Recovery, Family/Friends, and Recoveryism, to get an attitude adjustment. Send me email if you are interested in leading Oelwein out of the limelight of tabloid exploitation and into the better, small-town America which is being tampled by  effete pundits offering no solutions but only dark prose. This page will need some local talent to take back addiction recovery from the incompetent social service system which is ultimately responsible for mass, runaway addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Incidentally – no, central to my point here – Lois and I toured traveled  to the communities surrounding Waterloo in 1997, introducing AVRT-based recovery to Iowa. We met with federal, state and local officials, local social service agencies, plus some appearance on local talkshows. While there was a warm and enthusiastic reception, there was no follow-through by the social service system. In other words, the information on AVRT-based recovery is very well known to all of the state agencies, but been withheld.

With the publication of Methland, we will now renew our ties with Oelwein, Waterloo, and the rest of Iowa. Instead of accepting the state’s ideology, that the origins of addiction lie in one’s family tree and dysfunctional origins, Iowans can rely upon the most effective resource of all, the ancestral beliefs and values of each Iowan family. We look forward to visiting Oelwein and introducing tradional American values as the direct remedy for substance addiction!  But first, we must get started with this local page, which warns addicted people, “Don’t get help! You’ve got all it takes to beat your addiction inside yourself, so do it on your own, as we have done.”

Interventions never have worked, so now perhaps a confrontation will.

Jack and Lois Trimpey


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