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Archive for December, 2007

Global Warming and Addictive Disease

©2007, Jack Trimpey, all rights reserved.

The moral of this story: Although you cannot fool all the people all of the time, you can certainly make a lot of money trying to do so.

I think most thoughtful people have been sanely suspicious of the politically-driven, global warming hype in the last few years. When you see massive political mobilization around a tenuous-at-best hypothesis, and then witness the rise of a new witch hunt for heretics, it seems only a matter of time until the whole idea melts down like a polar ice cap.

Here’s a good link showing how global warming hot air has blown back in the faces of greenies. It’s about time, which is not to say that some problems do not exist with regard to our planetary stewardship.

Sadly, however, the day of reckoning may never come for the massive fraud called the disease concept of addiction. If there is a point beyond which there is no return, we may have already passed it. The United States of America collectively made an error during the 20th Century — a well-intentioned act of trust, but still an error from which she may never recover. It was an error that may equal or even surpass the error of slavery, so great is the damage to the Republic.

We have chosen to turn over the great social problem of substance abuse to the fellowship of addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous, which is based upon the unique beliefs and values of addicted people, not of normal people from real families. This is like turning over the supervision of elementary schools to child molesters. We have put the inmates in charge of the asylum, and now the nation is steadily moving into the asylum.

Our physicians are foxes in the chicken coop, members themselves of Alcoholics Anonymous by mandate of their licensing boards. Essentially criminals, like AA co-founder Rober Smith, M.D., who drank while performing major surgery, today’s physicians “in recovery” have been politically rehabilitated in expensive rehabs like the Talbott Rehabilitation Center, founded by Douglas Talbott, M.D., himself a grateful, recovering alcoholic. Addiction is no longer immorality, but a disease symptom compassionately “treated” by grateful, recovering alcoholics who themselves claim to suffer from the terrible disease of addiction, which they say is just like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Right. Dr. Talbott is also the founder of American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM), which advances the disease concept of addiction within the medical profession.

The problem is, addiction treatment doesn’t work, and actually converts problem drinkers who should be required to pledge and fulfill lifetime abstinence, into chronic, relapse-prone, one-day-at-a-time sober “alcoholics” based solely upon the ghastly misuse of medical authority. Addiction treatment is truly an astronomically expensive introduction to the fellowship of addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous, a self-supporting, non-profit organization co-founded by its own great physician, Robert Smith, M.D.

Notice the non-profit organization status, here, as if irresolute substance abusers qualify for charity. It is this kind of bald deception that underlies recent legislation aimed at limitless public funding for the ever-expanding dependency of ever-growing addicted population. Such suckers, are we!

Under medical supervision, American-style recoveryism has destroyed more lives and families than addiction itself, producing a greater body count and economic cost than any of our military wars. There is simply no way that our social service system can be held accountable for such a catastrophic public health disaster as the addiction treatment industry, which includes all of the academic, social welfare, public health, and non-profit organizations that make up the 12-step syndicate. There may be a slow, cautious acknowledgement of error, such as “overdiagnosis,” or “deficiencies in treatment planning,” or other bureaucratic jive, but we will likely never see justice such as came out of the litigations for black lung, landfill pollution, breast transplant, and the asbestos and tobacco related illness. Too many bodies; too many iatrogenic casualties. Denial is so much easier.

Slavery? Really?

If you are still grating over my comment about slavery, think racism instead. The disease concept of addiction is worse than racism, in that it confers congenital inferiority upon individuals based upon thought content, without any use of laboratory data or physical traits such as in race. (Yes, the cardinal sign of addictive disease, “denial,” is purely thought content.) Racism is conspicuous compared to the disease concept of addiction parades as compassion itself. Thus, our social service system may mercifully consign you to a social ghetto for other congenital defectives like yourself based upon nothing more than the arbitrary opinion of another tentatively sober substance abuser. Addictive disease, e.g., “alcoholism,” is purely conjectural, a simple, unproven hypothesis based upon the very faulty, circular, self-serving reasoning of addicted people themselves.

If you are a substance abuser in trouble, no one, not even your family, your employer, the courts, or society at large will expect or demand that you quit drinking/using. They will think you are defective, unable to comply with Continue reading ‘Global Warming and Addictive Disease’

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